Hello biggrin


    I am already in Budapest for more two weeks and I thus begin class.

    My University is King Sigismund College, Zsigmond Király Főiskola in Hungarian.

    I choose eight classes to have thirty credits :
    - Crisis Communication
    - History of Globalization
    - Brand Management
    - Principles of Marketing
    - Media, curse or blessing ?
    - The History of the Modern Hungarian Media in the European context
    - Visual Communication
    - Socio-economic changes and the appeal of extreme right in Europe


    I am with three other girls from ESDES and we are in a classroom with only Erasmus students. The classroom is composed of Spanish, Turkish and French people.

    We participated in a breakfast between Erasmus students at the beginning of the semester. University offered also to us a kit of welcoming with several papers about Budapest, like tourist books.

    Unfortunately, there isn't club where you could take part, but there is an association which take care of social life and in particular with Erasmus studients.

    Nevertheless, we are satisfied to be in this University and to begin our semester. cool


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