Hungary is really good country to eat :) I am going to do a short list about specialities that I can find in Budapest.

    Food specialities :

    - The most important : Goulash Soup









     - Noodles

    - Paprika

    - Foie Gras

    - Borju Pörkölt : veal stew in the paprika

    - Stuffed crêpes : hortobágyi palacsinta

    -Gungel palacsinta : crêpes filled with hazelnuts, raisins, crystallized orange peels, and chocolate-brown

    - Kurtosalacs


    Regarding a famous event in Budapest, there is the Spring Festival.
    The Spring festival of Budapest is organized the second about fifteen of March. There are more than 200 shows, like jazz concerts, concerts of classical music, shows of ballet of dance, shows of folk dance, theater performances, projections of movies, etc... The festival takes place in 60 places of the capital, like in the Theater Thália, the National Opera of Hungary and the Palace of the Arts.
    And there is on the Heroes Square, BUDAPEST who is written with enlightened letters.



    Like in France, Hungary has a National Day. This is the 15th of March.
    They commemorate the revolution of 1848. Hungarians lived under domination of Austrians. On March, the 15th, 1848, a young Hungarian poet, Sandor Petöfi, called his fellow countrymen to lift up himself. He took the lead of a procession to go to the Buda Castle, bring a list of 12 demands to the Austrian government. He asked in particular for the end of the censorship and for the freedom of the media.

    There was a levying of flag in front of Parliament, a parade of the military guarding up to the national Museum, the place where the revolution of 1848 had begun. In the afternoon, Prime Minister pronounced a speech on the square of Parliament. There was a lot of people because the government called its sympathizers to come, to show that they are so numerous at least as the opponents.


    Concerning symbols, Hungary's flag is red, white and green. Sometimes, there is on the flag the coat of arms of Hungary with the crown. Indeed, Holy Crown of Hungary is symbol of the Hungarian monarchy and one of the attributes of the Hungarian sovereignty. We can see it in Parliament. The crown of Hungary consists at present of an oblique cross, a spherical cap and a precious circle.



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