Hi everybody !


    That's it ! I am in Budapest happy

    I arrived Wednesday, the 4th of February.

    My flight was good, except the little surprise of Air France at my arrival... They lost one of my bagage ! So bad when you arrive in an unknown place and that you haven't all your stuff !

    But it doesn't matter, I am going to get it this afternoon.


    So, I discovered my flat yes 

    I have three girls roommates. This is really nice ! They are German, Spanich and Dutch. They're speaking really well english so I am going to be able to improve a lot my english language.

    We are on the 7th district, so really in the center of Budapest. We live in Pest side. Indeed, Budapest is separated in two by the Danude : Buda side and Pest side.

    I have my private bedroom. I took a photo :



    It's enough big and we love it !


    Yesterday, I went to my University, King Sigismund College, and I signed up. I put almost one hour to go there ! It's really far from center.

    I have only class Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. It's really cool because I will can discover city and travel around the Eastern Europe.

    The University is quite little but I like it ^^



    We begin class on Monday, the 9th. I can't wait to meet my Erasmus companions ! 

    I will tell you my first day in University. In the meantime, I am going to visit Budapest !


    Bye winktongue

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