• LOCAL NEWS : Viktor Orban wants to reintroduce the death penalty in Hungary

    By declaring, on Tuesday, April 28th, that the question of death penalty, abolished in 1990 in Hungary, should be put, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban aroused the indignation within the European Union.

    The Hungarian penal legislation, nevertheless one of the most repressive of Europe, "would not be dissuasive enough ", estimated Orban at the time of his declarations.

    Orban then spoke to the president of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz. He thus eased his speech, according to the office of the president of the European Parliament: he assured to President Schulz that the Hungarian government did not intend to set measure to introduce the death penalty.

    Schulz formally reminded, these last days, his opposition to the death penalty, banished by the Charter of the fundamental rights of the European Union, to which Hungary adhered in 2004.

    LOCAL NEWS : Viktor Orban wants to reintroduce the death penalty in Hungary


    I found an article about this local news, in euronews.com:

    "Hungary wants to reintroduce the death penalty. It may seem a surprising move for an EU member state but that’s exactly what Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban wants to do even though capital punishment is not permitted under EU rules.

    Many politicians say any member state that wants capital punishment should leave the EU.

    The European Parliament’s Committee of Civil Liberties says reintroducing the death penalty would be a clear violation of EU law.

    “Viktor Orban doesn’t defend anything.” said Louis Michel, MP of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe. “He is destroying everything. By launching a debate on the death penalty, he is turning Hungary against the flow of history. That is the truth. Death penalty never reaches its goal. It is not right for justice to commit a crime.”

    Many people say Orban is trying to prevent his popularity from plummeting after support for radical nationalist Jobbik party soared.

    Euronews correspondent Attila Magyar reported: “Hungarian political analysts say Viktor Orban knows that it is impossible to reintroduce the death penalty, but by "keeping this on the agenda" he can gain some support. The latest opinion polls show that almost half of the population agrees with the reintroduction of the death penalty. So the Hungarian PM can act like the protector of the Hungarian Sovereignty again.”"



    I think it's impossible to reintroduce death penalty in Hungary because the EU will never accept it. Indeed, Barroso, President of the Committee from 2004 until 2014, declared " if a Member state wants to restore the death penalty, he can make it but he then has to leave the EU ".

    Moreover, I can't imagine such a law in a country where I am feeling so good because people are open-minded.
    In my opinion, death penalty would be a major step backward for Hungary who is a country that changes a lot in a short time...

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